Decluttering your mind

When it comes to clearing your mind, there’s no better way for myself than getting out into the great unknown. There’s something about the feeling of solitude with no back round noise to cloud your thoughts. It takes some time before it settles in but once you’re there, it seems as though truth hits you like a lightening bolt and reality is far different than you perceived it to be back at home. Does any of this really matter? Why do we worry so much, stress ourselves out, take on too many projects? Clarity begins to set in and stress seems to melt off of you with each beating ray of sunlight hitting you.Your breath is deeper and your steps are lighter and for once your mind isn’t jolting with thoughts to and fro, trying to catch up with itself. The ability to concentrate and focus magnetizes and feeling of being awestruck consumes you as you realize life is a good place to be. We are free to roam about this Earth home however we choose in any which way we choose to do so. An understanding that we don’t have to perform to society’s needs and we are truly here to be our own unique selves to give a part of us back to the world. A feeling of inner connectedness intertwines the within your soul and in that moment you know that you can have life any way you want.

Only when you are in a place of quite peacefulness can you consciously begin to feel these flowing energies. (Except moment of joy that come to us throughout or days, of course!) When you are seeking a way to calm your mind and thoughts, the best form of meditation is the great outdoors. If you really sit down and think about it, we came from the Earth and are part of the Earth, therefore we have an attachment to the Earth, even if you haven’t felt it before. I’m not speaking religiously here or being anti-religious in any way, shape or form. These feeling of peace and meditation give you a feeling of security and belonging to something as a whole, whatever you believe.

So if you’re looking for some peace, answers or just need to get away to collect your thoughts, get outside. Far outside, where the only stimulation you have are the sights, sounds, touch and smells of Mother Nature.

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