Have you ever tried it? Ridding you mind of every single though bolting through your head? It’s difficult and a practice to say the least. I don’t think it takes too long to get down but it does take a good amount of focus and concentration. Here are some tips on what works for me:

  • Find a calm quiet place, preferably with fresh air and clutter free.
  • Find a comfortable position either lying down or sitting up. (I find lying down works best for me.)
  • Focus your thoughts on one thing. What works best for me is focusing on my breathing going in and out and imagining that with each breath in is cleansing my body, and each breath out is removing the toxins.

Once you are able to keep your focus with one thought, you’ll start to feel your body lighten and vibrate. Stay with it. You’ll soon start to feel the vibration go from your feet through the top of your head feeling as though everything is connected and one. In this moment you have reached what some call “Nirvana”



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