Early to rise, gets the peace

Have you ever woken up extra early before the sun, without anywhere to go? I’d highly recommend it! Most days, I like to set may alarm for 5:00am, (perhaps hit the snooze button a time or two,) then brew my coffee, and enjoy the peace and quiet. For me, clarity comes with this early morning rise. I am able to put my focus into a project or work, without any distractions from anyone, let alone the outside world. Imagine this for a moment, you’re fortunate enough to be able to work from home, or maybe you have a project that need your undivided attention. With the early morning rise you are able to bang out any project, without distractions for a good solid few hours! Wouldn’t that be so beneficial?…The answer is YES. Let’s take a cubicle worker for example. They’re there at their desk all day long, working on reports while simultaneously answering phone calls, declining the weird office guys request to buy you lunch and the front desk assistant Becky wanting to tell everything about her new work out routine and how fantastic it is, and then the boss asking you to see you in her office after lunch, which is stress inducing enough, and now how in the world am I going to concentrate!! Who has time to get any solid amount of work done with so many distractions like this throughout the day.


I’ve read the many benefits of waking early and even read stories off the successful who do a brunt of their work in the wee hours of the dusk. Believe me, its worth it. Not only will it be more focused attention on any given subject but you’ll be able to get more done in that solid amount of focused time than you would be able to in say an 8 hour work day. Imagine that! Working for 3-5 hours straight, distraction free vs the cubicle lifestyle. Which do you choose? If you’re willing to give whatever needs your attention an early start, your mind opens up and allows to receive it right then and there at a fullness that I believe cannot be delivered during the day.

Don’t take my word for it, read some books studying the great inventors of our time, look it up, Google it, do your research, and best of all, give it a try!

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