About Me


Hey guys! I’m Joseph, I come from a strong headed yet hilarious heritage! (I’ll leave that up to your imagination to decide!) The family is always in each others business and we speak loudly towards each other, (some people call this yelling,) but at the end of the day we really all just love each other and have each other’s backs!

For me, I’m just a 28 year old laid back kinda guy just finding his way in life! Born and raised in Northern Cali, We like to have fun in the great outdoors! Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, tubing, jet skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, fly boarding and the such! We know how to have fun and we do it often. Aside from all this fun loving stuff life has to offer, I still feel that deep down there is more to it and that I personally have more to offer than just my experiences of passing the days away having fun!

Hence forth, this website was born to retell lessons I’ve learned, share my experiences and hopefully pass on some wisdoms that I’ve collected through my travels. I’ve definitely realized that less is more and that people as a whole are more alike and the same than not. I hope to bring some different perspectives and views to those who read my articles and my hopes that are in time, this may lead to newer findings of the world around me and myself.

If you ever have any questions, you can reach me here.

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