Cleaning up your outdoor living space

In order to create as much peace within our own minds, our home surrounding is vitally important, and to my knowledge is a direct link to our mental health. I’ve heard the saying before, “cleanliness is next to godliness”, and no matter which way you choose to interpret that, there’s truth in the meaning! Nothing makes my mind sharper than having a living space that is well organized and well kept! When my work space is cluttered, I tend to have more feelings of stress and become overwhelmed easily. When my area is clean and neat, the day seems to have a lighter sense to it.

This hold true to the outdoor living space as well. Growing up in sunny California, we like to throw gathering and parties for all to enjoy, and when it’s the right time of year, we prefer to be outside. I just purchased my first home, which was quaint and quiet and just right for me. What came with it was an awful, weed grown atrocity of a backyard!! Horrendous!! How can one enjoy their morning cup a Joe let alone host a party for friends with this jungle of a space?!! I set out to create some plans and designs and with the help of a local landscaping company, we saved my yard! Feel free to check them out at¬†They were my saving grace to creating my serene, peaceful, (& inviting) living space! I was now able to breath in my own backyard, sipping my tea, listening to the birds and the river near by gave me my own little oasis on which to reflect and start my day right. Prior to having this home, I rented a small house with a similar “jungle theme” yard. I never went outside. It wasn’t inviting and staying cooped up in the house all day just started to get me down. I saw the importance of having a clean spot to call my own and I highly recommend it!

If you’re the type that likes to be outside, but doesn’t have a comfortable yard worth spending time in, I highly suggest you put some muscle work or money into it. Not only will it bring you a touch of happiness, but it will also boost your home value and I see that as a double double win win!!

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