Organizing life!

I prefer it not to be, but when life tends to creep up and demand so much out of you, it’s time to stop and reevaluate what’s important in life. I tend to take on too many projects, plan to many adventures and want to be everyone’s hero. This leaves little room to be just me. Boredom tends to suck me into some sort of grey cloud and perhaps that’s the reason i’m always chasing what’s next. None the less, When I do find myself going into overhaul, I do what works best for me and to get back into a comfortable groove and that a check list!

Oh my vital little travel notebook that has been on every adventure, goal pursuing and curious idea with me! I kid you not, one day I left it out at my usual spot and my roommate decided it was a good idea to put it elsewhere. BAD IDEA!!! I was frantic, felt confused and ill and when I was finally reunited a few days later, I literally kissed the booked and whispered to it, “I need you.” She never moved anything of mine again, and dammit, she shouldn’t!

This is the organization of my thoughts,plans, ideas, inventions, trips, MY LIFE!! Sure sometimes, she’s left in abandon, and I lose sight of which direction I go, but then I always find her like a religious God, asking for forgiveness and taking her back into my life as a necessary need. Life is better for mw while I’m taking advantage of her pages. Not only does this book organize me but it gives me daily uplifting quotes per page and who doesn’t love a little positive influence!

if you just happen to feel out of sorts, overwhelmed, and the weight of the world on your shoulders, give writing out a “to-do” list a try. It has been a de stressor and positive way to keep me accountable for years. Without it, I envision wandering aimlessly never accomplishing anything, and that thought alone is what keeps me jotting my notes down. I know that pre writing down my notes, my mind was far more scattered and I never finished what I started. I was more stressed and not very at ease. When I’m getting things taken care of I can breath easier and float through life a bit smoother. I highly advise giving it a shot!


If you’re curious on having more tips on the goodness of a “to-do” list, hit me up here, and I’ll send you some links. thanks for stopping by!

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