Oh the glorious world of camping. Some people prefer glamping these days (RV style), but in my eyes, there’s nothing better than roughing it in the wilderness, getting your face dirty and basking in the glory of the great outdoors!

The views alone when camping are absolutely majestic in nature! I’m always overcome with gratitude when face to face to the beauty of mother nature! There’s nothing quite like it. Fresh air, friends, fire for warmth, the nights sky, whether lit by moon light or the stars and the forgetting of all the responsibilities that we may need a break from!

I like to put on my hiking boots, grab a trail map and hit the high road to get to the top of that mountain. The peeks will leave you awestruck and provide the best reset there is to offer. If you’re looking for peace, this one of the best ways, (in my eyes), to go about it!


See you at the top of the mountain!


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